5 Career Options with a Master of Economics degree

A Master of Economics degree helps students get a proper foundation in economics. According to most economics graduates, an M Com. Degree helps hone analytical skills, get the ability to develop unique solutions to different problems and know how to attain expertise in different econometric software and strategies. This type of degree is fast getting popular among people who pursue graduate studies along with courses like Management, Finance and Accounting. Know about 5 career options that you can try with a master of economics degree under your belt.




As a Microeconomist, you have to learn the demand and supply aspect of the economy straight from the level of a household. The understanding and study of such factors will decide the cost of services and goods. Other than this, microeconomists are also responsible for looking at the subtle allotment of vital resources among a specific population and its impact on the economy.


Demographic and Labor economists


As a labor economist, you are primarily required to study the continuous variations in the labor force. You need to analyze numerous factors, like market demand, academic level, demographics and the corresponding lows or highs in unemployment. As a demographic economist, you have to study the varied ethnicity and race categories in a society. You need to compile and survey essential data about discrimination, employment, education levels etc.


Financial economist


As a financial economist, you have to study and understand how money can have an impact on lenders, banks and various other financial institutions. You have to conduct research, which can determine the amount of money that can be generated and dispersed proportional to numerous varied factors, such as time and risk.


Industrial economist


As an industrial economist, you have to focus on a specific industry – whether it is lumber, automobile, or energy. You have to consider various factors in your projection report, such as the type of competitors and the best ways to use dwindling resources. You need to have enough knowledge about various policies, as well as laws that can have an impact on their specific industry. The job of an industrial economist is important for specific industries, and helps in understanding their profitability.


International economist


Your job as an international economist includes monitoring the value of dollar closely against other currencies. You should pay attention to changing political situations, tariff laws, old policies and pending policies that can have an impact on the exchange rates. Although you should have thorough knowledge of economics, it is probably necessary for you to specialize on an industry or have a specialty. You might have to work closely with others as a team in order to generate a complete financial report. Employment and / or international travel is common for these careers.

What to Consider While Choosing Top MBA Colleges in Eastern India?

There are quite a few colleges in the eastern part of the country that offers MBA curriculum. However, with the rise of so many institutions, you might get confused regarding choosing the most suitable one. There are certain criteria for choosing a college. Leading institutes have certain norms and conditions to adhere to. You might also have certain specific requirements and wishes when it comes to studying MBA. Considering all these, choosing the right college often seem to be a daunting task as a wrong choice would affect your entire career. Here is a list of criteria that you need to consider while choosing a MBA institute in India:

  • The most important criteria for choosing a college are the curriculum and the subject. Check whether the college you are choosing has the subject in which you want to specialize. You should also check whether the institute is offering the best techniques and faculty for teaching the subjects on offer. Once you are sure of everything, you should consider enrolling.
  • You should check the number of seats an institute offers. Generally, there are entrance tests and marks of higher secondary examination are considered too. You should check whether you are eligible for applying to the particular institute you are choosing. There are quite a few common entrance tests for enrolling in MBA colleges like GMAT, XAT, and CMAT. You should apply for tests that the particular college accepts.
  • There are colleges in different states of India. You need to be sure whether you are ready to relocate to a different part of the country for studies. There are quite a few reputed MBA colleges in eastern India like the Birla Global University. So, if you are a native of the western part of India, you might have to relocate to enroll. In such a case you should look for a college that offers residential facilities to the outstation students. You can also stay on rent in the area where the college is located.
  • You should check the rankings of the college you are enrolling. Most of the colleges have websites through which you will be able to check information regarding its background, rankings, accreditations, and awards. You should choose a college that offers transparent account of all these information. Make it a point to verify the information from friends, alumni of the college and administrative professionals. You need to be 100% sure before choosing a college.

Above all, follow your heart. If just one visit to the college makes you feel comfortable and elated, choose it. You can also consider reading reviews and comments of the students to be sure.

5 things to Check before Enrolling for MBA in Kolkata & Odisha

A degree in Master of Business Administration (MBA) has been regarded as one of the major post-graduate degrees for the world today. Those with an MBA degree can often get employment in marketing, human resources, general management, sales, consulting, finance and accounting. Before you enroll for an MBA program in the city of Kolkata or Odisha, it is essential that you check the following 5 things.

Your expectations

You should have clear expectations about the MBA program that you want to choose. MBA courses tend to vary across colleges, and the syllabus and teaching methods tend to considerably vary although you get to learn the same information. You have to assess your own expectations carefully before you study for your MBA course. Consider the kind of electives offered by the program, the content of the curriculum, the topics that are included, the type of experience that you want etc.

Type of MBA

It is also important that you are clear about what kind of MBA program you wish to enroll in. There is part time MBA, full time MBA, executive MBA, Specialized MBA programs and more. Full-time MBA programs are for those with small amount of work experience or none, and go on for 1 – 2 years. Part time MBA programs are for those with regular jobs and who would like to complete them during weekends. Executive MBA programs are for those over 30 years of age, and are chosen over traditional MBA programs. Specialized MBA programs are for those who wish to pick a specific management sector, such as certification MBA in HR, MBA in Entrepreneurship, MBA in hospitality, MBA in aerospace etc.


Check whether the MBA College is accredited, and have the resources to meet all the standards of higher education. Accreditation can safeguard you as a student, and can give you a lot of advantage with potential employers.

Overall facilities and resources

Before you take part in an MBA program, you need to know about the professional experience of faculty members, their motivation, the possibility of financial investment, the level of education of the institution, the alumni and the institution. You should contact the present students, read the press news, know from their social networks and directly request documentation from the college. Find out whether MBA programs are offered with special focus in finance, labor relations, human resources, operations management and more.

Financial Considerations

Enrolling in an MBA program is expensive. Although you might not need to worry about transportation expenses if you are living close to the institution, you have to consider the cost of the course materials and the tuition fees. Find one that offers enough flexibility and can fit your budget and income.

Professional BBA Course in Bhubaneshwar Odisha

Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) is one of the most sought-after courses among students after passing 10+2. There are several institutes in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha, that offer this course that acts as the platform for those interested in business administration and management. The course teaches one the fundamental aspects of management and most students opt for Master of Business Administration (MBA) after BBA. The state of Odisha has many top institutes that offer this course.

Three-Year Full Time Course

Normally institutes in Bhubaneshwar offer a three-year full time BBA course that provides one training in business management encompassing fields such as marketing, HR management, finance and general management. During the course, special emphasis is given on issue affecting business and students are taught to develop problem-solving skills required for an effective management of an organization in a dynamic business environment.

Knowledge of functional aspects of a company

BBA degrees are designed to give students a broad knowledge about the functional aspects of an organization along with specialization in a particular area. Managerial, communication skills and business-decision making capability of students are developed during the course that will help them in their career. Most courses give students training in form of internships, case projects, presentation along with interaction with industrial stalwarts.

Core Topics Covered

The course covers the following core topics:

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Financial management
  • Human Resource management
  • Marketing operations
  • Organization behavior
  • Strategic management
  • Quantitative techniques

Specializations Offered

Students can opt among the following specialization during their course:

  • Finance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Human resource management
  • Legal management
  • Marketing
  • Real estate
  • Supply chain management
  • Aviation management

Apart from the above, there are several other specializations on offer. It depends from institute to institute and the likings of a student.

Admission Procedure

Almost all the institutes offering the course have the application form in their website. The form can be downloaded, duly filled with all correct details and then sent to the respective college along with mark sheets of the qualifying examinations and other relevant documents.

Selection procedure

Based on the marks obtained in 10+2, institutes release merit list. Some colleges take admission test followed by a personal interview. Students must prepare themselves well for the test.

Fees and other expenses

Tuition fees depend from institutes to institutes and hostel fees are charged extra. One can get all such information from the official website of respective colleges.

Institutes offering BBA course in Bhubaneshwar are known for placing students in reputed companies and shaping their future for a rewarding career.

Top Professional M.Com Course in Bhubaneswar & Odisha

The demand for talented commerce students is never on the wane, and companies are always looking for qualified commerce candidates. Based in Odisha, Birla Global University is a highly reputed academic institution that offers a 2-year Master of Commerce (M.Com) course. This regular program sees thousands of students from across the nation submitting applications. Find out what makes this a top professional course in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

Proper design

The course has been designed well by prominent professors of other famous universities, to serve the needs of the society and students. It blends various subjects of specialization, which are highly important. The 2-year M.Com program has been designed to further commerce education. Once students complete the program with success, they can successfully get M.Com in Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship, M.Com in International Business, M.Com in Marketing, M.Com in Finance and M.Com in Accounting.

Experiential learning

The M.Com program is perfectly applicable in society, as it comes with a perfect balance of practice and theory. It provides students with the chance to obtain experiential learning as Project Work and internships that concentrate on research. The Birla Global University aims to design and conduct the M.Com program for pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Commerce or advanced graduation studies in law, business, management and other associated fields.

Career options

The course has been designed to offer students a wide range of career options, which include Small Business Management in NGOs and Private, Non-Government and Government organizations and careers in Entrepreneurship, International Business, Marketing and Finance. The program improves the entrepreneurship skills of students to make them capable of being employed, as well as start their own commercial ventures.

Well-rounded education

The Birla Global University comes with advanced infrastructure, complete with a well-equipped digital and physical library to satisfy the educational requirements of students. The institution has well trained faculty members. There is gym, playground and other important infrastructure that ensures wholesome development of students. Every student can use the industry interface to get practical knowledge.

Proper curriculum

The curriculum from this University combines Core Courses, Information Technology, Allied Courses and Elective Courses. Its curriculum has been designed to make students more employable in the industry. On successful course completion, students can help with the progression of their career and subsequent placement from the University.

Students, in order to be eligible for admission to the course, should have passed B.Com (Pass) or B.Com (Hons.) with at least 50% marks from any of the acknowledged universities. This should make him or her eligible for applying for an admission into the M.Com Course from the Birla Global University. However, there is the right of the School of Commerce to admit students based on GDPI and written examination in case the above criteria are satisfied by the applicant.

Best Universities in Odisha for MBA Course

The state of Odisha has many reputed universities and colleges that offer a range of courses. The state is a hot bed for Master of Business Management (MBA) institutes and every year hundreds and thousands of students apply for MBA courses offered by various institutions. Here are the best universities in Odisha for MBA course.

Birla Global University

A self-financed private university, Birla Global University (BGU) offers a two-year integrated MBA programme. Established with the goal to be the best destination for MBA aspirants, the University has all the facilities that one needs to shape their future. Conducted in close association with the industry, the MBA programme of BGU is divided into six semesters. From the third semester, marketing, finance, HR or operations are offered as specialization. Admission is based on the results competitive exams — CAT, GMAT, CMAT, MAT.

Live projects and summer internships help students know the nuances of the corporate world. The MBA course of the University also focuses on soft skill training programmes and six-sigma certification course. Apart from it, IEEP (Industry Employability Enhancement Programmes) are held through special modules. Final placement opportunities are placed through the University’s Centre for Corporate Relations.

The Utkal University

Established in 1943, The Utkal University is one of the oldest Universities in India. The mother University of Odisha is one of the most popular universities in the country among management aspirants. It offers a 2-year MBA (distant mode) programme with a maximum of 500 seats.

To apply for the course, one must have a Bachelor degree or equivalent. Students are taught management concepts, financial accounting, HR management, retail management, entrepreneurship development, international business and many more subjects. Since the course is offered under distance mode, a personal contact programme for 10 to 12 days are held in each semester that covers theory and practical.  Online test is conducted and results are published on the same day. After selection following verification of originals, students are required make payment and take admission within a week.

 Ravenshaw University

Established in November 2006, Ravenshaw University was the up-gradation of the Ravenshaw College, one of the oldest colleges in India. The University has 27 departments of which 20 are post-graduate ones. It offers a two-year full time MBA programme at its Cuttack campus. The programme is developed at par with the leading B-schools and is divided into trimester system. There are just 60 seats and specialization is offered in HR, finance, marketing and operation.

Top 4 MBA Colleges in Eastern India

Are you looking for a career option that’s both demanding and opens you to a world of opportunities? Are you self-confident and hardworking? Have got a never-die approach to everything that comes in your way? Are you born with a leadership streak in you? If so, then ‘Master of Business Administration’ is the right option for you to bank upon.

Once you have decided on what career path your want to steer to, the next step is to find out the prerequisites to get admission. As far as MBA is concerned, you cannot get direct admission. You need to crack certain entrance exams in order to do so. Only good grades in one or more of these exams (as accepted by the B-Schools you intend to choose) can be your ticket to one of the best MBA colleges.

The best B-Schools

Are you looking for the names of the Top 4 MBA Colleges in Eastern India? The B – Schools that offer best possible industry exposure, the management schools that contribute to the country’s economy by producing leaders and big corporate? On the basis of different parameters like faculty, programs, infrastructure, placement statistics and quality of education, here is a list of some of the best and most reputed business management schools that the eastern region of India boasts about. Have a look –

  • Birla Global University (BGU)
  • Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata (IIM)
  • Xavier School of Management, Jamshedpur (XLRI)
  • Indian Institute of Management, Shillong (IIM)

Eligibility criteria

In order to get admission any of the abovementioned business management schools, you have to sit for entrance exams like CAT, XAT, MAT, CMAT or GMAT. If you are able to crack it with good percentile, then only you can move onto the next step, that’s Group Discussion (GD) and Personal Interview. The selection criteria are more or less same with all reputed management schools. However, it is a good idea to research about the eligibility criteria with each and every institute listed with you. After entrance exam and personal interview, comes the final selection procedure. It includes weightages assigned to your academic qualifications, professional qualifications, work experience, regional background and other vital aspects.

Fee structure

As far as fee structure associated with MBA courses is concerned, it might vary from one institute to the other. However, there should be a standard related to the same. Therefore, it is highly advisable to check it out before selecting an institute. Moreover, reliable and reputed business management schools are transparent about their fee structures. So, you need not to worry about the same. The best thing – you can always apply for education loan from banks and other financial facilities.

MBA in Odisha 2017 – Top 3 Colleges

When it comes to MBA colleges in Odisha, 2017 comes with a wide variety of institutes that students can enroll in. Find out about the qualities that the top 3 colleges in MBA colleges in Odisha come with.


MBA programs are different, but the top colleges come with the sort of curriculum that can make you prepared for business management posts in top companies and organizations. You have to assess your expectations very carefully, and choose an MBA college that is in a position to satisfy those expectations for you. The best ones have the kind of course that offers you the type of experience you want, the kind of electives offered by the programs, the types of topics that are necessary for your syllabus and for helping you to complete the program and graduate with success. In other words, the top 3 colleges come with expert faculty members, projects, certification, association and experience to help students.


The top MBA institutes come with provisions such as separate classes for students who are working, scholarships for candidates who are academically good, campus placements, evening classes and distance learning. The college comes with flexible branches in various cities across the nation, and students can choose the branch that is nearest to their place. These have the best provisions for students.

Varied programs

The top MBA colleges come with a wide variety of programs, which allow students to choose an appropriate field. The programs come with varied MBA fields, such as administration, hospitality and media. People with an MBA often get employment in the domains of marketing, human resources, general management, sales, consulting, finance and accounting.


Top colleges are accredited to any of the major academic boards of the nation. It is essential to check the accreditation of the college that you wish to attend. Accredited colleges satisfy the high standards of higher education, and can protect you as a student as well as place you in the right standing with potential employers.

While looking for the best MBA school, you should verify that it is accredited. An institution that is properly accredited would be recognized by the Government of India.

Cost of fees

The top colleges have high fees, and you have to take the financial considerations into account. It is not cheap to enroll in an MBA program. The cost of tuition and the expense of materials for the MBA course can be expensive, even when you do not have any concerns about the cost of transportation. The top schools are diverse but flexible, and have special scholarship programs to encourage students who are bright but come from less affluent backgrounds and help them realize their dreams to get good education.

What to Consider Before Selecting an MBA Course?

Securing an MBA degree is not only exciting but prestigious to many. MBA graduates have wide scope in the modern job market and have a bright future. This is the stepping stone for an individual’s successful career. Whether a professional or a newcomer of the corporate world, everyone has equal opportunity with an MBA degree. It gives a good start to one’s life. However, appearing for this course is a daunting task, if not chosen correctly.


Now, experiences of people in an MBA course vary depending on several factors. There are diverse kinds of MBA program and it is important to choose the best course so that one can show his credibility in the program. There are certain factors which a student should keep in mind before selecting a specific type of the course.

All people cannot work with the same zeal. There is certain constraint with regard to responsibilities and time. So, students should know the factors which can help them pick the right MBA course according to their skill.

– The Ultimate Goal One Aims to Achieve with an MBA Program
What a student wants to do after pursuing this course is a crucial question that every student think in the first place. No one can deny that there is always some goal or reason behind every act. So, aspirants should have a clear notion about it. It is a determining factor in selecting a course. One should pick the course that fulfils some requirements or all of it.

– The Time a Student can Devote for the Course 
This is another vital deciding factor in a course choice. An MBA program can run for a year or as long as for 5 years. Now, it solely depends upon the aspirant as how long he can dedicate his time for the course and he should choose the program that suits his availability.

– Type of MBA Course Content
The next important factor is the kind of course content that an MBA course offers. Students are free to choose a full-time or a part-time program suiting their needs. Previously, students need to attend the course every day but now, there is distance learning as well.

These are some of the vital factors that every student in this field must have knowledge about. This will help a student gain from his MBA program to the fullest.

What Do the Top 10 MBA Colleges in Orissa Offer?

B-schools are in top demand these days, and for a number of reasons. Students can get the assurance of good jobs in reputed companies, solid career growth, more skills and business-level training to float their own enterprises. In states like Orissa, many MBA colleges and schools have recently opened up. Find out what the top 10 MBA Colleges in BBSR have on offer for students.

Intellectual Capital

These institutions have an esteemed faculty, consisting of top names from the world of business, and having enough qualifications, published work and research, consultancy, interface with the industry etc. These schools often take part in executive training programs. Most of these have a combination of visiting and full time or core industry faculty, which ensures constant monitoring during the MBA program.


These schools and colleges stand in excellent locations, which have a concentration of industry. Students can enjoy better placements. The schools are positioned in cities with corporate offices of many esteemed national and international companies, and fare a lot better than B-schools in other areas. The staffs, alumni and students give a nice impression about the quality of these institutes.


These institutions also boast of top-class infrastructure, consisting of well-equipped classrooms, library, Internet connectivity and computers. Students can get great assistance in learning. These schools also have top-notch hostel facilities, which prove to be very useful for students coming from far-off regions. This makes the schools very desirable for aspiring management students.


The brand reputation carried by these institutions ensures better goodwill and wider acceptability. Students can expect good starting salaries when they enroll in these schools, as these witness frequent campus selections and recruitments from top companies. Enrolling in MBA courses Bhubaneswar from any of these top schools can help open up many opportunities for students, which are otherwise left shut for them. Studying in these schools can immediately make the resume of students more valuable for prospective recruiters.

Best student intake

These schools have tough selection processes, and only the most intelligent and meritorious ones can get an entry into these institutes. Being constantly surrounded by bright people can improve the learning experience of students, and make them richer in terms of skills and knowledge. Much of the learning within these schools happens due to the group activities. The selection process quality, such as Essay Writing, Interview and Group Discussion, offers a glimpse into the quality of students admitted in these institutes.

Career Planning Services

Other than imparting knowledge and training, these schools are also known for career planning services. These offer additional assistance to students and help them know more about business and management of companies. They can understand what makes one click in the interviews, the types of skills needed by companies, ways to survive cutthroat competition, additional courses to improve prospects of promotion in workplace and so on. It is important to look at the admission brochures and the official websites of these schools to know about the types of career planning services offered to students, in order to make the best selection.

Visit http://bgu.ac.in/MBA-Course for more details.