MBA & PGDM – What are these management programs all about?

Youths tend to choose a course that has wide scope and job opportunities. They find management programs to be the right choice in this regard. This article enumerates the two programs in brief.


Every student wishes to be a part of the management world. This craze drives them to pursue postgraduate management course after their graduation. Acquiring a post graduate degree in management opens up new venues in the job market and makes them financially stable in the future. PGDM and MBA are the two popular management courses of today because they pave the path of career growth.

However, many students still do not have a clear notion about the two programs. Before choosing a career option and seeking admission to the course, it is necessary that they analyze the two subjects. It will help them to pick the right path. Here is the solution for all.


MBA, as is known to all, is the post graduation degree in business administration. Students from any stream are eligible for taking admission to this program. This course certainly offers great salary package, plenty of job opportunities and a bright future. All these positive aspects have attracted students from all corners of the world to pursue MBA. MBA Colleges in Eastern India has earned great fame in a short time span.

The course gives freedom to students to choose their specialization they like and are skilled in. marketing and finance are the two most popular fields of specializations because they have ample job openings and scope.

How to seek admission to MBA program?

Students willing to take MBA program have to appear for varied entrance examinations that universities conduct and achieve high score. On the basis of this score, colleges give them call for interview and GD. Students who can successfully prove their proficiency and eligibility get admission for the course.


PGDM course is gaining importance in the recent times and is also much in vogue amongst students now. Much like MBA, this is also a post graduation course that has high salary package and wide job prospect. However, unlike MBA, curriculum and course structure of PGDM is designed according to the changing demand of business market.

Students acquiring PGDM degree from a reputed business school can become best professionals in corporate world. Some of the top PGDM Colleges are found in BBSR that help in creating business managers.

Difference between MBA & PGDM

Both PGDM and MBA are quite similar to one another. The only distinction is MBA is theoretical and subject-oriented while PGDM is more practical based and focuses on soft skills. Check PGDM Course details in Orissa or any other country to one exactly what it is.


MBA Program – The Gateway for a Prosperous Future

MBA is an important management course in the present day and numerous students are opting for it. However, it is important to provide them the right guidance in this field. This article might help them to some extent.

MBA Program

In India, large, medium and small – every kind of organization requires educated and talented workforce. These days, new businesses are cropping up now and then. All these require qualified individuals for running their business and growing it up in the times to come. Entrepreneurs across the globe have recognized the management capabilities of individuals. As a result, professional management courses like MBA have become first choice of Generation Next. Securing a management degree from some reputed college can build the life of a student.

This has led to high demand of the business schools in different places. In this regard, MBA Colleges in Bhubaneswar has proved that management students from their institutes have high probability of getting jobs in the renowned corporate houses.

Which colleges are the best for seeking admission?

Only securing a management degree cannot bring high prospect to an individual. The management institute plays a great role in developing his capabilities and making him suitable for the business world. Again, name of the business school matters a lot in the professional world. Hence, the aspirant should be very skeptical while choosing an MBA. Hasty decision can ruin the entire plan of becoming an MBA professional.

What are the different streams in an MBA program?

Well, students seem to choose college on the basis of its placement record. But, this should not be the case. For instance, MBA placements rate is pretty high in BBSR institutes but this does not imply that all the institutes are suitable for all aspirants.

Every aspirant must have an idea about the different streams and should pick a college according to his preference of the specialization. Different specializations such as Communication and Information Technology, Finance, HR and Management, are available in this program and each of these streams has its own significance in its respective fields.

Now, all colleges might not cater top quality education and training in all streams. It might be the case that some have an excellent faculty and infrastructure for Finance, while the other has an expertise for Information Technology. Thus, it is very important to do homework and conduct a thorough research about the college, the specialization it offers and what kind of training it offers.

However, this is not the only decisive factor. There are many other things to consider before finally taking admission to a business school. MBA course fee in BBSR colleges and other institutes also influences the decision making process. So, be careful about building the future.

PGDM Program – A Path to Glorify Professional Success


Career growth is more emphasized now and for this, students opt for management programs. PGDM program has recently become very popular among students and they are eager to know more about it.

Managing projects, doing multiple tasks or creating a strong profile to reach the top of a corporate ladder – all these are the qualities which only a management degree can endow upon an individual. This academic course can inculcate leadership skills in an individual required in the professional world. Management training enables a student to acquire technical and soft skills. If the young generation desires to pursue a management career, PGDM course will be the best.

Knowing the effectiveness of this course, everyone will definitely move right on to seek PGDM admission for 2016 batch.

Bimtech student


PGDM or Post Graduate Diploma in Management provides career stability, superb salary package and develops leadership qualities in aspirants. Its education module is designed in such a manner that candidates gets constant opportunity to engage themselves in innovative curricula where they have to visualize the existing and the budding challenges prevailing in the real business environment. A PGDM program is conducted for two years.

Main objective of this program is to keep the students updated with current business scenario and trends thereby preparing them to work in any leading business house and position. A PGDM course emphasizes on boosting up managerial efficiencies as well as leadership skills and entrepreneurship traits in students.


For PGDM admission the eligibility criteria of all management colleges are same. Take a look at those –

  • Applicants should qualify any of the following competitive examinations -> CAT/XAT/MAT/CMAT/ GMAT. The qualifying marks in these examinations will greatly decide whether they will get admission in a particular college.
  • Prior to this, applicants should have a Bachelor’s degree in any stream from some recognized institution.
  • Freshers and experienced candidates both can apply for the program.


PGDM admission process in any business school involves certain steps. Eligible candidates can apply either by applying online or by procuring the form from the office of the college.

  • Procure the admission form.
  • Fill up the application form – online one or the downloaded one – according to the instructions given.

For online forms, students have to make the payment through online methods as suggested by the respective college otherwise they have to download the form and pay the admission fee at the time of submission of the form. When all these procedures are completed, the management college evaluates each candidate and then makes the final selection.