5 things to Check before Enrolling for MBA in Kolkata & Odisha

A degree in Master of Business Administration (MBA) has been regarded as one of the major post-graduate degrees for the world today. Those with an MBA degree can often get employment in marketing, human resources, general management, sales, consulting, finance and accounting. Before you enroll for an MBA program in the city of Kolkata or Odisha, it is essential that you check the following 5 things.

Your expectations

You should have clear expectations about the MBA program that you want to choose. MBA courses tend to vary across colleges, and the syllabus and teaching methods tend to considerably vary although you get to learn the same information. You have to assess your own expectations carefully before you study for your MBA course. Consider the kind of electives offered by the program, the content of the curriculum, the topics that are included, the type of experience that you want etc.

Type of MBA

It is also important that you are clear about what kind of MBA program you wish to enroll in. There is part time MBA, full time MBA, executive MBA, Specialized MBA programs and more. Full-time MBA programs are for those with small amount of work experience or none, and go on for 1 – 2 years. Part time MBA programs are for those with regular jobs and who would like to complete them during weekends. Executive MBA programs are for those over 30 years of age, and are chosen over traditional MBA programs. Specialized MBA programs are for those who wish to pick a specific management sector, such as certification MBA in HR, MBA in Entrepreneurship, MBA in hospitality, MBA in aerospace etc.


Check whether the MBA College is accredited, and have the resources to meet all the standards of higher education. Accreditation can safeguard you as a student, and can give you a lot of advantage with potential employers.

Overall facilities and resources

Before you take part in an MBA program, you need to know about the professional experience of faculty members, their motivation, the possibility of financial investment, the level of education of the institution, the alumni and the institution. You should contact the present students, read the press news, know from their social networks and directly request documentation from the college. Find out whether MBA programs are offered with special focus in finance, labor relations, human resources, operations management and more.

Financial Considerations

Enrolling in an MBA program is expensive. Although you might not need to worry about transportation expenses if you are living close to the institution, you have to consider the cost of the course materials and the tuition fees. Find one that offers enough flexibility and can fit your budget and income.


Top 4 MBA Colleges in Eastern India

Are you looking for a career option that’s both demanding and opens you to a world of opportunities? Are you self-confident and hardworking? Have got a never-die approach to everything that comes in your way? Are you born with a leadership streak in you? If so, then ‘Master of Business Administration’ is the right option for you to bank upon.

Once you have decided on what career path your want to steer to, the next step is to find out the prerequisites to get admission. As far as MBA is concerned, you cannot get direct admission. You need to crack certain entrance exams in order to do so. Only good grades in one or more of these exams (as accepted by the B-Schools you intend to choose) can be your ticket to one of the best MBA colleges.

The best B-Schools

Are you looking for the names of the Top 4 MBA Colleges in Eastern India? The B – Schools that offer best possible industry exposure, the management schools that contribute to the country’s economy by producing leaders and big corporate? On the basis of different parameters like faculty, programs, infrastructure, placement statistics and quality of education, here is a list of some of the best and most reputed business management schools that the eastern region of India boasts about. Have a look –

  • Birla Global University (BGU)
  • Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata (IIM)
  • Xavier School of Management, Jamshedpur (XLRI)
  • Indian Institute of Management, Shillong (IIM)

Eligibility criteria

In order to get admission any of the abovementioned business management schools, you have to sit for entrance exams like CAT, XAT, MAT, CMAT or GMAT. If you are able to crack it with good percentile, then only you can move onto the next step, that’s Group Discussion (GD) and Personal Interview. The selection criteria are more or less same with all reputed management schools. However, it is a good idea to research about the eligibility criteria with each and every institute listed with you. After entrance exam and personal interview, comes the final selection procedure. It includes weightages assigned to your academic qualifications, professional qualifications, work experience, regional background and other vital aspects.

Fee structure

As far as fee structure associated with MBA courses is concerned, it might vary from one institute to the other. However, there should be a standard related to the same. Therefore, it is highly advisable to check it out before selecting an institute. Moreover, reliable and reputed business management schools are transparent about their fee structures. So, you need not to worry about the same. The best thing – you can always apply for education loan from banks and other financial facilities.

Visit https://www.bgu.ac.in/MBA-Course for more information.

MBA & PGDM – What are these management programs all about?

Youths tend to choose a course that has wide scope and job opportunities. They find management programs to be the right choice in this regard. This article enumerates the two programs in brief.


Every student wishes to be a part of the management world. This craze drives them to pursue postgraduate management course after their graduation. Acquiring a post graduate degree in management opens up new venues in the job market and makes them financially stable in the future. PGDM and MBA are the two popular management courses of today because they pave the path of career growth.

However, many students still do not have a clear notion about the two programs. Before choosing a career option and seeking admission to the course, it is necessary that they analyze the two subjects. It will help them to pick the right path. Here is the solution for all.


MBA, as is known to all, is the post graduation degree in business administration. Students from any stream are eligible for taking admission to this program. This course certainly offers great salary package, plenty of job opportunities and a bright future. All these positive aspects have attracted students from all corners of the world to pursue MBA. MBA Colleges in Eastern India has earned great fame in a short time span.

The course gives freedom to students to choose their specialization they like and are skilled in. marketing and finance are the two most popular fields of specializations because they have ample job openings and scope.

How to seek admission to MBA program?

Students willing to take MBA program have to appear for varied entrance examinations that universities conduct and achieve high score. On the basis of this score, colleges give them call for interview and GD. Students who can successfully prove their proficiency and eligibility get admission for the course.


PGDM course is gaining importance in the recent times and is also much in vogue amongst students now. Much like MBA, this is also a post graduation course that has high salary package and wide job prospect. However, unlike MBA, curriculum and course structure of PGDM is designed according to the changing demand of business market.

Students acquiring PGDM degree from a reputed business school can become best professionals in corporate world. Some of the top PGDM Colleges are found in BBSR that help in creating business managers.

Difference between MBA & PGDM

Both PGDM and MBA are quite similar to one another. The only distinction is MBA is theoretical and subject-oriented while PGDM is more practical based and focuses on soft skills. Check PGDM Course details in Orissa or any other country to one exactly what it is.

Top 3 BBA Colleges in Bhubaneswar for Future Business Professionals

Seeking BBA education has become the aim of young people. They want to become eligible business professionals of tomorrow. This article states three of the best management colleges in Bhubaneswar.


Pursuing BBA program has become the latest trend of the present generation. Scope of career growth in the business market attracts the young generation and so, more and more students seek management education. Bhubaneswar, in the recent times, has become one of the popular destinations for pursuing BBA or MBA program. There are a number top BBA Colleges in Bhubaneswar catering industry standard education and training regime.

Want to know about some of the best business schools in BBSR? Have a quick look at the section below.


This business school shows years of experience in imparting excellent management education. The infrastructure of this top rank college is superb with Wi-Fi connection all over the campus. The greenery of its campus influences teaching and learning process in the most effective way. This is one of those B-schools which shares cordial relation with international universities and offers student exchange programs. Under expert guidance of the proficient faculty members, students are assured of 100% placement in today’s corporate world.


This top BBA College in BBSR is a wonderful initiative of the educational branch of B. K. Birla Group. It has affiliation to Utkal University. Up-to-date curriculum, rigorous training and academic pursuits in BGI provide assistance for placement. BBA students from this business school find themselves in the top ranks of the corporate world. The college offers certain additional facilities like providing online resource materials, J-Gate and ProQuest, to enhance the learning process further. This institute has national as well as international collaboration with the global business market and hence, can offer the best placement opportunity.


This institute is another addition to the list of top grade management schools in Bhubaneswar. It is offers the best learning method through Study Support and Distance Education. This business school focuses on e-learning approach and caters education through E-Book materials. It promotes online learning or self learning along with practical working experience. The institute concentrates on providing all kinds of latest technologies to ensure that students acquire the best learning experience.

Therefore, in all these renowned management colleges, theoretical or classroom learning is not the only concern. They make effort to provide real industry experience to the students through their practical learning modules. Students get ample industry exposure through their academic pursuits.

However, these are only a few. There are many more such management colleges all across India in different cities.

Tips to Crack the Interview in the Top Rated Management Colleges

Getting admission in one of the top management colleges is not that easy as it might sound. There are a number of parameters which one needs to clear. People have the wrong notion that only securing good grade will make the path easier. However, this is not the sole criteria. Students need to have complete understanding of the industry they plan to build up their career. This is one of the steps to check before appearing for any admission test in the top management college in Orissa or any other place.

Every institute looks for the perfect candidate. Many students are found blank regarding their career even after completion of the first semester. This should not be the case when one invests money and time for shaping up their life.

Guidelines to Get Admission to the Best Management School
Now, have a look at some parameters that require aptitude as well as intelligence for cracking an interview.

1) Keep Updated:
In today’s competitive job market, it is necessary to keep oneself updated with current information on varied topics. Newspaper is the best resource from where a person can chunk data of all types. Develop the habit of reading the newspaper every day because there are lots of things to know. Besides newspapers, there are magazines and novels reading which one can gain knowledge about the scenarios prevailing in the world.

2) Attend Mock Interviews:
Attending mock interviews gives insight regarding what a real interview will look like. Aspirants should ensure that they are aware of the pattern currently in use during interviews. There are questions which arrive in different forms but lead to the same answer. This will help in cracking the interviews of the top grade management colleges in Bhubaneswar or any other place.

Boldly Use the Internet:
Use the web world – it is a huge abode of knowledge on various subjects. The surfer can Google anything and everything on any subject under the sun. With the help of different websites, one can even pursue some short term course. This only adds a new tag to an aspirant’s career.

These are few of the basic but important guidelines helpful for passing the entrance examination in any of the reputed business schools. The list of top rated management colleges is never-ending. Students these days search for AICTE approved management colleges in Orissa and other cities. These colleges have great value in shaping the future of students.

The writer is currently employed with a reputed MNC. He Refers you BIMTECH for Bubaneswar, Visit http://bimtechbbsr.ac.in/ for more details

Have a Bright Future with MBA Education – Choose the Right Stream

MBA course has different kinds of elective papers each of which opens up new job opportunities for the candidates. This degree has wide span in the business market a brief idea of which is stated in this article below.

Job opportunities have always been high in the corporate sector of India. Indian as well as global companies look upon India as one of the lucrative options because of the immense manpower it has. The present market situation demands trained and qualified management professionals. Thus, having a management degree is the need of the hour. Now, which course to opt for when there are so many options available? MBA is the most preferred choice.

Students generally search for top 10 MBA school in India to get admission to the right college. With such a wide range of innovative and traditional MBA courses, it is essential that students pick the correct stream. They must choose the subject they are passionate about, that they find confidence in and they should prefer the field they are strong.

MBA school

MBA Program and Modern Business Market  

Typical MBA course follows a primary curriculum which includes human resource, international business, finance, information technology, business management, communication management and the list goes on and on. Secondary curriculum offers choice of elective subjects.

Hospitality and Tourism industry is a fast growing sector across India. With rapid development, this industry experiences shortage of experienced and qualified managers who are capable of taking care of the growing business. Flourishing aviation industry, luxury hotel and tourism development is opening up new opportunities in these sectors. From this scenario, it is quite evident that an individual with MBA in Hospitality and Tourism will get an edge.

Top MBA schools in eastern India are now offering many such distinct specializations so that students can find new venues to establish their career.

As is known to all, the IT sector is, presently, ruling the Indian and global economy. An MBA degree with specialization in System Management is the demand of the day. During the course, an individual gets trained to build up ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning solutions.

Human resource is another stream having high demand in the business industry. Companies, these days, greatly rely on mobilization and development of human power. Hence, MBA with Human Resource Management is certainly a lucrative career alternative of the present generation. Having this degree under ones belt might place him as the manager of an organization, who is responsible for maintaining the quality of human resource.

These are only a few of the electives available with MBA that has raised the standard of this course. BIMTECH is one MBA school in Orissa that has earned a good name in a small time span because of its management courses.

PGDM Program – A Path to Glorify Professional Success


Career growth is more emphasized now and for this, students opt for management programs. PGDM program has recently become very popular among students and they are eager to know more about it.

Managing projects, doing multiple tasks or creating a strong profile to reach the top of a corporate ladder – all these are the qualities which only a management degree can endow upon an individual. This academic course can inculcate leadership skills in an individual required in the professional world. Management training enables a student to acquire technical and soft skills. If the young generation desires to pursue a management career, PGDM course will be the best.

Knowing the effectiveness of this course, everyone will definitely move right on to seek PGDM admission for 2016 batch.

Bimtech student


PGDM or Post Graduate Diploma in Management provides career stability, superb salary package and develops leadership qualities in aspirants. Its education module is designed in such a manner that candidates gets constant opportunity to engage themselves in innovative curricula where they have to visualize the existing and the budding challenges prevailing in the real business environment. A PGDM program is conducted for two years.

Main objective of this program is to keep the students updated with current business scenario and trends thereby preparing them to work in any leading business house and position. A PGDM course emphasizes on boosting up managerial efficiencies as well as leadership skills and entrepreneurship traits in students.


For PGDM admission the eligibility criteria of all management colleges are same. Take a look at those –

  • Applicants should qualify any of the following competitive examinations -> CAT/XAT/MAT/CMAT/ GMAT. The qualifying marks in these examinations will greatly decide whether they will get admission in a particular college.
  • Prior to this, applicants should have a Bachelor’s degree in any stream from some recognized institution.
  • Freshers and experienced candidates both can apply for the program.


PGDM admission process in any business school involves certain steps. Eligible candidates can apply either by applying online or by procuring the form from the office of the college.

  • Procure the admission form.
  • Fill up the application form – online one or the downloaded one – according to the instructions given.

For online forms, students have to make the payment through online methods as suggested by the respective college otherwise they have to download the form and pay the admission fee at the time of submission of the form. When all these procedures are completed, the management college evaluates each candidate and then makes the final selection.