Top 4 Fields to Choose After Your Master’s Degree in Economics

Is predicting economic trends and analyzing the market your forte? Do you believe your input in economic research can bring change for better? If your answers are a positive nod, then an economics degree is awaiting to give you a big scope in your career.

Master's Degree in Economics

If you are speculating on the job prospects you can have after pursuing your Masters in Economics Private Colleges in Bhubaneswar, you’ll be surprised to know the series of job opportunities you can score afterwards.

Below is a list of job position students can hold after their Master’s in the field of economics.

Finance Manager:

They can work in any type of company and in both public and private sector especially insurance corporate and banks. Responsibility of a finance manager is high and has to support all the lead managers of different department altogether to achieve the financial goal of the organization. To increase the revenue of the organization, finance manager needs to develop strategies, come up with investment activities and financial reports by using their analytical abilities and skills.

Investment or Financial Risk Analyst:

They work for public sectors, insurance companies, hedge funds, trading companies, and more. The investment analyst or financial risk analyst manage organizational risk management process as well as predict and evaluate events that might hamper the financial stability of an organization. They are also eligible towards handling the decisions regarding the top major risk categories – market risk, credit risk, operational risk, and regulatory risk.

Economic Consultant:

They are eligible to be a part of public or private agencies, research institutes, and financial companies. Economic consultants learn statistical data and economic related to particular fields such as agriculture, labor, finance, etc. along with that also indulge in different studies concerning economic phenomenon in all possible scenarios. Economic consultants apart from research are also involved in the formulation of policies (legislation, regulations, services, and taxes), recommendations, or strategies to resolve economic issues and interpret market conditions.



They work for government as well as financial companies. Auditors ultimately find where the money is coming and going. They review and take care of all accounts and financial status of the organizations. Auditors gather data and check whether the financial records and statements are legal, fair and valid or not. After completion of audits, the person renders a report regarding the overall financial status of the company and can also act as an advisor show them a better path of cost savings methods and risk management.

After completion of your Masters in Economics Private Colleges in Bhubaneswar, you can opt for various career options by developing your communication skills, analytical problem solving capacity, and unparalleled research-driven decisiveness. You may visit


Top 3 Masters in Economics Courses in Bhubaneswar

You must be acquainted with the subject “Economics”. Aren’t you? It is the study that shows how services and goods function in this society. Economics also gives a picture of how currency goes through various processes. If you want to have in-depth knowledge about all these matters, you should specialize in this field.

Acquiring higher education in Economics or any other subject for that matter is not an easy task. Masters in Economics have knowledge about the significance of financial flow in the society. They also acquire the ability to critically analyze a developing financial market.   

With emergence of modern technology, this field is also developing at a fast pace. Master in Economics program focuses on these modern finance theories. Hence, it is important that you learn this program from some reputed college since reputed institutes only follow the changing trend of the market in their curriculum.

Let’s consider Bhubaneswar, one of the biggest centers for management and professional education of the time. Have a look at the top 3 Masters in Economics Program in this city.

Top Masters of Economics Programs in Bhubaneswar   

  • Birla Global University

This institute has become the first choice for management as well as higher education students. This renowned private university offers varied types of courses one of which is Masters in Economics. With its high-end infrastructure, modern amenities and qualified faculties, BGU seems to redefine professional education. Its aim is to extend the scope of students; thought. This university is making endeavor to give Odisha a significant position in the world of higher education.

  • Utkal University

This is another reputed university of Odisha offering Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate level of education in Engineering, Architecture, Economics, business administration, computer application together with other professional courses. Whether you want to have a career in academics or want to top the corporate world, this university has all kinds of courses to cater to the needs of the students.

  • Attitude Business School

Attitude Group of Institutions has established this school to impart high quality education to aspiring students all across the world as well as working professionals. Its courses enhance professional skills and employability of the aspirants. This institute has made a mark in both national and international world. Attitude adopts high level structured teaching methodology focusing on latest course of study.

So, want to become the real master in Economics? Seek admission in any of these institutes and be assured to have a bright future.  

Reasons to Pursue MA Economics from a Private University in India?

MA in economics is one of the most sought-after subjects among students. With the Indian economy booming and expanding rapidly, the course has gained extreme importance in the past few years. There are many public and private universities in the country offering it. Here are the reasons for pursuing it from a private university.

Excellence in academics

Learning is the central focus of private universities in India. Though the curriculum is rigorous and the course-work is very vast, yet with learning being the central focus one can achieve academic excellence through hard work and dedication.

Smaller sizes of class

This is another major benefit. With smaller sizes of class, students are not likely to get overlooked. In public institutions, large numbers of students attend classes in an auditorium and hence there are chances of not getting the proper attention required. Shorter class sizes mean that there is less competition to get into them.

More time with professors

As size of classes is small, there is more time to interact with professors. One has more time to ask questions and solve queries. There is less feeling of isolation and it helps to build a strong relationship with professors.

Close community

A closely-knit student community is one of the integral parts of most private universities in India. It helps in close communication and one gets involved in multiple campus activities. It also enhances college experience that is important to succeed.

Top-notch faculty

In order to attract students and build its brand, private institutions have top-notch faculty. Most of them have an excellent academic record and they are reputable. They aim to bring an overall development among students and prepare them to be better citizens of the country.


Bright minds are given scholarships. Merit scholarships help bright pupils in their studies and they can contribute even better towards a progressive society. Most private universities in the country have scope for merit and scholarships to boost a healthy competition.


Most of these institutes have the reputation of being elite. This helps during employment in the professional world. Because of the competitive admission process, employers tend to value such candidates.

Involved students

As the atmosphere of the classroom is dynamic, most of them are committed to achieve academic success. Students find themselves more involved and they participate in classroom discussions, coursework and are highly engaged in multiple activities.

So if you wish to pursue a MA course in Economics, find out the private university of your choice right now.

Tips to choose Private Economics Master Colleges In Bhubaneswar

Are you planning to study economics? Then, you must know that there are some good colleges in Bhubaneswar that offer the best master’s courses. However, when it comes to studying for your master’s you must make it a point to look for a reputed college. Not all colleges are suitable for enrolling. There are many colleges that seem to offer the best economics curriculum for the master degree. However, you need to know that only a reputed college can offer the best courses, which will be beneficial for your future ventures, especially in the job field. So, you must seek help to be able to choose the best college that offers master’s course in economics. Here are a few important tips to help you choose private economics master colleges in Bhubaneswar:

  • One of the main things that you need to notice while choosing a master’s course in the city is whether it is accredited. Accreditation and certification are necessary for any college to be able to offer courses that are recognizable by reputed companies for job opportunities. So, if you are planning to apply for a job after your masters, you need to make sure that you are doing your post-graduation from a college or university that is licensed, certified, and accredited. Only such a college will be able to offer the best courses to you.
  • Why don’t you ask for recommendations from your family members and friends? There are many people who do masters in economics and they will be able to provide you with useful information regarding choosing the right college for your master’s. Check whether any of your cousin’s has done masters in economics. You can get suitable suggestions and recommendations from them.
  • The best thing is to research on the Internet. It is from where you will be able to gather information regarding the college you should choose and the curriculum that you should opt for. It is a matter of your education and career. So, do not compromise on the college you choose.

Even though you should choose the college that feels right to you, do not choose something that is exorbitantly priced. Compare and choose a college that offers the best curriculum within a reasonable price. Collect prospectus and information brochure from two or more colleges. You should choose the one that has lenient rules for admission and should also offer the best of education to the students.

5 Career Options with a Master of Economics degree

A Master of Economics degree helps students get a proper foundation in economics. According to most economics graduates, an M Com. Degree helps hone analytical skills, get the ability to develop unique solutions to different problems and know how to attain expertise in different econometric software and strategies. This type of degree is fast getting popular among people who pursue graduate studies along with courses like Management, Finance and Accounting. Know about 5 career options that you can try with a master of economics degree under your belt.




As a Microeconomist, you have to learn the demand and supply aspect of the economy straight from the level of a household. The understanding and study of such factors will decide the cost of services and goods. Other than this, microeconomists are also responsible for looking at the subtle allotment of vital resources among a specific population and its impact on the economy.


Demographic and Labor economists


As a labor economist, you are primarily required to study the continuous variations in the labor force. You need to analyze numerous factors, like market demand, academic level, demographics and the corresponding lows or highs in unemployment. As a demographic economist, you have to study the varied ethnicity and race categories in a society. You need to compile and survey essential data about discrimination, employment, education levels etc.


Financial economist


As a financial economist, you have to study and understand how money can have an impact on lenders, banks and various other financial institutions. You have to conduct research, which can determine the amount of money that can be generated and dispersed proportional to numerous varied factors, such as time and risk.


Industrial economist


As an industrial economist, you have to focus on a specific industry – whether it is lumber, automobile, or energy. You have to consider various factors in your projection report, such as the type of competitors and the best ways to use dwindling resources. You need to have enough knowledge about various policies, as well as laws that can have an impact on their specific industry. The job of an industrial economist is important for specific industries, and helps in understanding their profitability.


International economist


Your job as an international economist includes monitoring the value of dollar closely against other currencies. You should pay attention to changing political situations, tariff laws, old policies and pending policies that can have an impact on the exchange rates. Although you should have thorough knowledge of economics, it is probably necessary for you to specialize on an industry or have a specialty. You might have to work closely with others as a team in order to generate a complete financial report. Employment and / or international travel is common for these careers.