Start your corporate Journey after 10+2 with BGU BBA course in BBSR

A BBA or Bachelor in Business Administration degree can help you to get started in the world of business management. Birla Global University, Bhubaneswar offers a full-time BBA program that can help you to find a solid footing in the world of business management. After the completion of 10 + 2, you can take up this BGU course and give a fresh direction to your academic journey. Read on to find out why you should opt for a BBA course in BBSR, and how it can be useful for you.

BBA course

Dynamic understanding of economics

A Full time, 3-year BBA program can offer you complete training in business management, including various areas such as Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing and General Management. The course focuses on modern issues that affect business. The program concentrates on problem solving, like change management in a business environment that is getting more dynamic. It also concentrates on developing business skills across various sectors and organizations.

Varied courses

You can get courses in various sub-specialties in economics, including Managerial Psychology, Basic Financial Accounting, Principle of Management, Business Communication, Production and Operation Management, Legal Aspects of Business and Strategic Management. You can also get Fitness Management, Professional Communication & Soft Skill, Communication Skill, Organizational Behavior and Skill Enhancement, which can ensure well-rounded development for you. Business organizations look for candidates with impeccable academic record as well as the soft skills that are needed for smooth communication and business operations. BBSR can prepare you in a wholesome way for even the topmost business organizations.

Excellent placement opportunities

Studying the best BBA course from BBSR can also ensure wonderful placement opportunities in top public organizations and private companies for you. The Centre for Corporate Relations (CCR) of the institute can keep you informed about placement opportunities through placement news notice board and postings in the group. If you are interested for a specific placement opportunity, you can convey the choice via mail or signing in a relevant CCR sheet within a particular time frame. You can appear for multiple interviews.

Lucrative career and respect

Birla Global University, Bhubaneswar is a recognized name in the world of academics, and this esteemed institution has the honor of producing many graduates who are luminaries in the world of business. You can expect a lot of respect from HR managers and recruiters from top organizations who conduct placements in collaboration with BBSR. Even international companies treat degrees obtained from BBSR with regard, and consider them on a par with BBA degrees from other prestigious institutions of various other parts of the world.

The knowledge, skills and training obtained at BBSR can also make you competent enough to open up your own business and manage it without hiring any experts.


Professional BBA Course in Bhubaneshwar Odisha

Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) is one of the most sought-after courses among students after passing 10+2. There are several institutes in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha, that offer this course that acts as the platform for those interested in business administration and management. The course teaches one the fundamental aspects of management and most students opt for Master of Business Administration (MBA) after BBA. The state of Odisha has many top institutes that offer this course.

Three-Year Full Time Course

Normally institutes in Bhubaneshwar offer a three-year full time BBA course that provides one training in business management encompassing fields such as marketing, HR management, finance and general management. During the course, special emphasis is given on issue affecting business and students are taught to develop problem-solving skills required for an effective management of an organization in a dynamic business environment.

Knowledge of functional aspects of a company

BBA degrees are designed to give students a broad knowledge about the functional aspects of an organization along with specialization in a particular area. Managerial, communication skills and business-decision making capability of students are developed during the course that will help them in their career. Most courses give students training in form of internships, case projects, presentation along with interaction with industrial stalwarts.

Core Topics Covered

The course covers the following core topics:

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Financial management
  • Human Resource management
  • Marketing operations
  • Organization behavior
  • Strategic management
  • Quantitative techniques

Specializations Offered

Students can opt among the following specialization during their course:

  • Finance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Human resource management
  • Legal management
  • Marketing
  • Real estate
  • Supply chain management
  • Aviation management

Apart from the above, there are several other specializations on offer. It depends from institute to institute and the likings of a student.

Admission Procedure

Almost all the institutes offering the course have the application form in their website. The form can be downloaded, duly filled with all correct details and then sent to the respective college along with mark sheets of the qualifying examinations and other relevant documents.

Selection procedure

Based on the marks obtained in 10+2, institutes release merit list. Some colleges take admission test followed by a personal interview. Students must prepare themselves well for the test.

Fees and other expenses

Tuition fees depend from institutes to institutes and hostel fees are charged extra. One can get all such information from the official website of respective colleges.

Institutes offering BBA course in Bhubaneshwar are known for placing students in reputed companies and shaping their future for a rewarding career.

Top 3 BBA Colleges in Bhubaneswar for Future Business Professionals

Seeking BBA education has become the aim of young people. They want to become eligible business professionals of tomorrow. This article states three of the best management colleges in Bhubaneswar.


Pursuing BBA program has become the latest trend of the present generation. Scope of career growth in the business market attracts the young generation and so, more and more students seek management education. Bhubaneswar, in the recent times, has become one of the popular destinations for pursuing BBA or MBA program. There are a number top BBA Colleges in Bhubaneswar catering industry standard education and training regime.

Want to know about some of the best business schools in BBSR? Have a quick look at the section below.


This business school shows years of experience in imparting excellent management education. The infrastructure of this top rank college is superb with Wi-Fi connection all over the campus. The greenery of its campus influences teaching and learning process in the most effective way. This is one of those B-schools which shares cordial relation with international universities and offers student exchange programs. Under expert guidance of the proficient faculty members, students are assured of 100% placement in today’s corporate world.


This top BBA College in BBSR is a wonderful initiative of the educational branch of B. K. Birla Group. It has affiliation to Utkal University. Up-to-date curriculum, rigorous training and academic pursuits in BGI provide assistance for placement. BBA students from this business school find themselves in the top ranks of the corporate world. The college offers certain additional facilities like providing online resource materials, J-Gate and ProQuest, to enhance the learning process further. This institute has national as well as international collaboration with the global business market and hence, can offer the best placement opportunity.


This institute is another addition to the list of top grade management schools in Bhubaneswar. It is offers the best learning method through Study Support and Distance Education. This business school focuses on e-learning approach and caters education through E-Book materials. It promotes online learning or self learning along with practical working experience. The institute concentrates on providing all kinds of latest technologies to ensure that students acquire the best learning experience.

Therefore, in all these renowned management colleges, theoretical or classroom learning is not the only concern. They make effort to provide real industry experience to the students through their practical learning modules. Students get ample industry exposure through their academic pursuits.

However, these are only a few. There are many more such management colleges all across India in different cities.

BBA Institutes of Orissa – The Right Platform for Future Management Professionals

To gain knowledge about the key resources of business and management, one needs to study BBA course. Orissa has become one of the significant destinations for management training. This article clearly states why cities like Cuttack and Bhubaneswar are among the popular choices of management students.

Running a business smoothly is not that easy. An individual needs to have varied types of management skills for operating his business flawlessly. After completing high school, large number of students opts for BBA program and eventually builds up the ability to manage effectively a business or the company they are employed in. however, only gaining admission to a BBA course will not help, if the student fails to understand the knowledge transferred to him or if he is unable to apply it properly.

BBA Colleges

Of late, management institutes have emerged in great number in different places, Orissa being one of them. Management schools in different cities of Orissa provide strong educational foundation for management students. Bhubaneswar has become the hub for BBA students. Have a look at the BBA college list of Bhubaneswar, Orissa – most of these provide quality education in management.

Now, one might ask why these colleges are gaining so much importance. Well, the reasons are right here.

B-schools in Orissa are the Right Choice for BBA Education       

Business schools in Orissa, especially in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack, provide a strong base to enable students become effective business professionals. It is because of their –

  • Quality management education and training
  • World class infrastructure
  • Placement facilities
  • Various other activities to facilitate all round development in students


  • Easy teaching methodology

Few of the prestigious institutions such as BBA colleges in Cuttack impart training in a student-friendly way and hence, they can grab it easily. These institutions employ various teaching modes to make the academic regime smooth and easy.

  • Updated curriculum and skill development programmes

This 3-year BBA program provides holistic management training. It includes varied subjects like Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management and General Management. The curriculum is designed in a manner that gives emphasis on contemporary issues affecting business and relevant problem solving methods. Reputed business schools also undertake several skill development programmes to enable students cope with this increasingly dynamic business environment.

  • Well structured BBA course

BBA course in Bhubaneswar institutes is structured in a systematic manner. They follow Semester pattern of learning. In the first year, students get an understanding of business and an overview of the business environment. In addition, students develop necessary skills to run business smoothly. All these make the foundation of students pretty strong thereby, preparing them for advanced modules in the coming academic years.

Thus, it is pretty evident that management colleges in Orissa offer a firm foundation to students and gradually gaining popularity across the world.