Start your corporate Journey after 10+2 with BGU BBA course in BBSR

A BBA or Bachelor in Business Administration degree can help you to get started in the world of business management. Birla Global University, Bhubaneswar offers a full-time BBA program that can help you to find a solid footing in the world of business management. After the completion of 10 + 2, you can take up this BGU course and give a fresh direction to your academic journey. Read on to find out why you should opt for a BBA course in BBSR, and how it can be useful for you.

BBA course

Dynamic understanding of economics

A Full time, 3-year BBA program can offer you complete training in business management, including various areas such as Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing and General Management. The course focuses on modern issues that affect business. The program concentrates on problem solving, like change management in a business environment that is getting more dynamic. It also concentrates on developing business skills across various sectors and organizations.

Varied courses

You can get courses in various sub-specialties in economics, including Managerial Psychology, Basic Financial Accounting, Principle of Management, Business Communication, Production and Operation Management, Legal Aspects of Business and Strategic Management. You can also get Fitness Management, Professional Communication & Soft Skill, Communication Skill, Organizational Behavior and Skill Enhancement, which can ensure well-rounded development for you. Business organizations look for candidates with impeccable academic record as well as the soft skills that are needed for smooth communication and business operations. BBSR can prepare you in a wholesome way for even the topmost business organizations.

Excellent placement opportunities

Studying the best BBA course from BBSR can also ensure wonderful placement opportunities in top public organizations and private companies for you. The Centre for Corporate Relations (CCR) of the institute can keep you informed about placement opportunities through placement news notice board and postings in the group. If you are interested for a specific placement opportunity, you can convey the choice via mail or signing in a relevant CCR sheet within a particular time frame. You can appear for multiple interviews.

Lucrative career and respect

Birla Global University, Bhubaneswar is a recognized name in the world of academics, and this esteemed institution has the honor of producing many graduates who are luminaries in the world of business. You can expect a lot of respect from HR managers and recruiters from top organizations who conduct placements in collaboration with BBSR. Even international companies treat degrees obtained from BBSR with regard, and consider them on a par with BBA degrees from other prestigious institutions of various other parts of the world.

The knowledge, skills and training obtained at BBSR can also make you competent enough to open up your own business and manage it without hiring any experts.


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