What Do the Top 10 MBA Colleges in Orissa Offer?

B-schools are in top demand these days, and for a number of reasons. Students can get the assurance of good jobs in reputed companies, solid career growth, more skills and business-level training to float their own enterprises. In states like Orissa, many MBA colleges and schools have recently opened up. Find out what the top 10 MBA Colleges in BBSR have on offer for students.

Intellectual Capital

These institutions have an esteemed faculty, consisting of top names from the world of business, and having enough qualifications, published work and research, consultancy, interface with the industry etc. These schools often take part in executive training programs. Most of these have a combination of visiting and full time or core industry faculty, which ensures constant monitoring during the MBA program.


These schools and colleges stand in excellent locations, which have a concentration of industry. Students can enjoy better placements. The schools are positioned in cities with corporate offices of many esteemed national and international companies, and fare a lot better than B-schools in other areas. The staffs, alumni and students give a nice impression about the quality of these institutes.


These institutions also boast of top-class infrastructure, consisting of well-equipped classrooms, library, Internet connectivity and computers. Students can get great assistance in learning. These schools also have top-notch hostel facilities, which prove to be very useful for students coming from far-off regions. This makes the schools very desirable for aspiring management students.


The brand reputation carried by these institutions ensures better goodwill and wider acceptability. Students can expect good starting salaries when they enroll in these schools, as these witness frequent campus selections and recruitments from top companies. Enrolling in MBA courses Bhubaneswar from any of these top schools can help open up many opportunities for students, which are otherwise left shut for them. Studying in these schools can immediately make the resume of students more valuable for prospective recruiters.

Best student intake

These schools have tough selection processes, and only the most intelligent and meritorious ones can get an entry into these institutes. Being constantly surrounded by bright people can improve the learning experience of students, and make them richer in terms of skills and knowledge. Much of the learning within these schools happens due to the group activities. The selection process quality, such as Essay Writing, Interview and Group Discussion, offers a glimpse into the quality of students admitted in these institutes.

Career Planning Services

Other than imparting knowledge and training, these schools are also known for career planning services. These offer additional assistance to students and help them know more about business and management of companies. They can understand what makes one click in the interviews, the types of skills needed by companies, ways to survive cutthroat competition, additional courses to improve prospects of promotion in workplace and so on. It is important to look at the admission brochures and the official websites of these schools to know about the types of career planning services offered to students, in order to make the best selection.

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