MBA & PGDM – What are these management programs all about?

Youths tend to choose a course that has wide scope and job opportunities. They find management programs to be the right choice in this regard. This article enumerates the two programs in brief.


Every student wishes to be a part of the management world. This craze drives them to pursue postgraduate management course after their graduation. Acquiring a post graduate degree in management opens up new venues in the job market and makes them financially stable in the future. PGDM and MBA are the two popular management courses of today because they pave the path of career growth.

However, many students still do not have a clear notion about the two programs. Before choosing a career option and seeking admission to the course, it is necessary that they analyze the two subjects. It will help them to pick the right path. Here is the solution for all.


MBA, as is known to all, is the post graduation degree in business administration. Students from any stream are eligible for taking admission to this program. This course certainly offers great salary package, plenty of job opportunities and a bright future. All these positive aspects have attracted students from all corners of the world to pursue MBA. MBA Colleges in Eastern India has earned great fame in a short time span.

The course gives freedom to students to choose their specialization they like and are skilled in. marketing and finance are the two most popular fields of specializations because they have ample job openings and scope.

How to seek admission to MBA program?

Students willing to take MBA program have to appear for varied entrance examinations that universities conduct and achieve high score. On the basis of this score, colleges give them call for interview and GD. Students who can successfully prove their proficiency and eligibility get admission for the course.


PGDM course is gaining importance in the recent times and is also much in vogue amongst students now. Much like MBA, this is also a post graduation course that has high salary package and wide job prospect. However, unlike MBA, curriculum and course structure of PGDM is designed according to the changing demand of business market.

Students acquiring PGDM degree from a reputed business school can become best professionals in corporate world. Some of the top PGDM Colleges are found in BBSR that help in creating business managers.

Difference between MBA & PGDM

Both PGDM and MBA are quite similar to one another. The only distinction is MBA is theoretical and subject-oriented while PGDM is more practical based and focuses on soft skills. Check PGDM Course details in Orissa or any other country to one exactly what it is.


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