Career in Journalism and Media – Latest Trend of the Generation

Career path has changed these days. Media jobs and journalism dominate the field to a great extent. Students no more stick to engineering and medical fields. This article below can provide a better idea in this regard.

Masters in media and journalism

Journalism is the current trendy career option for the generation of today. This is one such career option where an individual can have the taste of freshness in his daily work. Individuals do not have to follow the same monotonous path in his job. Instead, he will have to confront with new things and people every day. Platform of media and journalism offer such golden chance.

Masters in media and journalism always have high demand in the job market. Know why? The field of media is expanding every day creating newer job opportunities for deserving media aspirants. If a person has determination, dedication and devotion in this programme, he is sure to achieve success in this career. This course teaches students accuracy, clarity and the ability to face tough situations.

What are the different career options in journalism and print media?

Journalism is no longer limited to print media; it has now become a significant feature of electronic media as well. Newspaper and TV journalists have equal demand in the job market. However, the focus here is on print media.


This is a challenging field in TV channels, magazines, tabloids and newspapers. Reporters are responsible for covering every detail of an event both national and international. How an event will be presented depends, to a great extent, on its coverage.


Primary job of an editor is to filter and refine the matter that a reporter provides, according to public demand and policy of a specific newspaper. Top Journalism Colleges provide effective training on editing because this is really a tough sector in this field. An editor has to meticulously deal with errors in texts, formatting, making specific editing and reformatting of a story.


As everyone knows, a picture speaks more than words. Similarly, in the recent society, photographs are overtaking the space of write-ups. A single photograph can tell a lot about a matter. Therefore, a photo journalist maintains his unique significance in the media sector. He will never lose his position.


This is the age of cartoons. From politics to entertainment, there is use of cartoons in every section. Thus, the task of a cartoonist is not at all easy, rather it is pretty challenging. A cartoonist is required to have the capability of portraying meaningful message through his cartoon characters and sketches.

Youths of today love to build up their future as one of these professionals. For that, one should take a look at the top Mass Comm. Colleges ranking and find an appropriate institute for him.


BBA Institutes of Orissa – The Right Platform for Future Management Professionals

To gain knowledge about the key resources of business and management, one needs to study BBA course. Orissa has become one of the significant destinations for management training. This article clearly states why cities like Cuttack and Bhubaneswar are among the popular choices of management students.

Running a business smoothly is not that easy. An individual needs to have varied types of management skills for operating his business flawlessly. After completing high school, large number of students opts for BBA program and eventually builds up the ability to manage effectively a business or the company they are employed in. however, only gaining admission to a BBA course will not help, if the student fails to understand the knowledge transferred to him or if he is unable to apply it properly.

BBA Colleges

Of late, management institutes have emerged in great number in different places, Orissa being one of them. Management schools in different cities of Orissa provide strong educational foundation for management students. Bhubaneswar has become the hub for BBA students. Have a look at the BBA college list of Bhubaneswar, Orissa – most of these provide quality education in management.

Now, one might ask why these colleges are gaining so much importance. Well, the reasons are right here.

B-schools in Orissa are the Right Choice for BBA Education       

Business schools in Orissa, especially in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack, provide a strong base to enable students become effective business professionals. It is because of their –

  • Quality management education and training
  • World class infrastructure
  • Placement facilities
  • Various other activities to facilitate all round development in students


  • Easy teaching methodology

Few of the prestigious institutions such as BBA colleges in Cuttack impart training in a student-friendly way and hence, they can grab it easily. These institutions employ various teaching modes to make the academic regime smooth and easy.

  • Updated curriculum and skill development programmes

This 3-year BBA program provides holistic management training. It includes varied subjects like Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management and General Management. The curriculum is designed in a manner that gives emphasis on contemporary issues affecting business and relevant problem solving methods. Reputed business schools also undertake several skill development programmes to enable students cope with this increasingly dynamic business environment.

  • Well structured BBA course

BBA course in Bhubaneswar institutes is structured in a systematic manner. They follow Semester pattern of learning. In the first year, students get an understanding of business and an overview of the business environment. In addition, students develop necessary skills to run business smoothly. All these make the foundation of students pretty strong thereby, preparing them for advanced modules in the coming academic years.

Thus, it is pretty evident that management colleges in Orissa offer a firm foundation to students and gradually gaining popularity across the world.