Scope of Media Studies or Mass Communication Today

Now, time has come when students have started thinking in a different way. They now shift from general stream of studies and choose a different sector. This article tries to show how mass communication can be a wonderful career option.

In this 21st century, education system in India offers a plethora of professional courses. Media is a specialized course in this sector growing popularity all across India. Mass communication offers a large canvas in this regard. This sector has a wide scope for prosperity thereby making mass communication a widely popular course in this regard. Some of the best media studies colleges are based in Bhubaneswar and students willing to join mass comm. program can opt for these.

A Brief Idea about Mass Communication

Firstly, one should know that this course is known in varied names like communication arts, speech communication, communication science, media studies or media ecology. It is communicating with the mass through different modes. It encompasses a broad context including television, magazines, journals, radio, newspaper and face to face conversations. Besides all these, one very important medium gaining popularity at a rapid pace is the internet. Depending on the message type and audience, media is selected.

Large number of colleges in different cities of India offers this course. Mass Comm. colleges in Bhubaneswar, are pretty popular in this field. There are many other top institutions spread over several cities of the country.

Potentiality of Mass Communication in Present Days

Mass communication and media open up exciting career options for today’s youths. It has become the backbone of the society. Mass comm. teaches individuals how the audience interprets information.  Journalism was in vogue for a long time but with emergence of new printed media and channels, demand for mass comm. experts has increased over time. Students in large number are pursuing this course and making a successful career in this genre. Education scenario of this program is also pretty bright as there are a number of good business schools in different cities.

Just as acting, modeling, advertising and journalism course is popular in Orissa and other cities; mass communication is also setting its marks in the job market. Students can build a bright future in TV, radio, press, films, central information service, advertising, corporate communication and the like. Thus, scope for a student with this degree is huge.

There are varied branches of mass communication like film-making, public relations, journalism and so on. Therefore, if an individual has innovation, creative bend of mind, spontaneity and imagination, mass media communication is for him. It is an interesting field but not all individuals are capable or have the zeal to shine in this sector. Visit for details.


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