Why Pick Integrated MBA Program In This Modern Era?

MBA course has now adopted a new and innovate approach giving students more options to experience the corporate industry. This article deals in detail about the course and its benefits.


Management study always acquires a significant place in global education system. It is true that several technical and analytical changes have taken place in this field, yet it has yield maximum professional in the global job market as compared to other disciplines. Management education has never lost its attraction and charm, rather its demand is increasing every day.

Need for an Integrated Course in MBA

Every year thousands of students acquire an MBA degree from so many business schools. But, majority of them remain unemployed. Why this happens? It is simply because management students passing out each year lack the basic skills and therefore, fail to suit the industry. After spending such a hefty amount as MBA course fees whether in BBSR or any other place, who would like to stay unemployed? Thus, it became necessary to reinvent this course in a new way incorporating in it innovative and latest methods of grooming the students so that they turn into a complete corporate professional.


What is this integrated course all about?

Industry integrated course in MBA is the innovative and fresh approach to inculcate skills of the aspirants through industry exposure. The course structure is designed in such a manner that through course of training, students get the chance to meet industry professionals and taste the reality of the corporate world. The concept of modern MBA program is to focus more on the practical aspect than the theoretical one.

Students enrolled under the integrated course studies theory at the beginning of the course. When they move towards the end of it, they mainly practice off-campus in corporate premises. Aspirants take summer internships, live projects, short term projects and the like, where they have to work in real corporate environment. Therefore, Integrated MBA Course conducted in Bhubaneswar colleges or any other institute make students understand the nature of their work they would have to perform in future.

Prime Reasons for Choosing Industry Integrated MBA Course

  • Job security is the prime goal of every management student and integrated course gives assurance of this placement.
  • It opens up new career opportunities to students.
  • Develop personal skills of the students while developing their knowledge base.

All these factors speak in favor of the course and evidently show why more and more students are approaching this course in this modern world. Students recruited after completion of this course certainly experiences greater salary package. So, isn’t it enough to choose this course?