Best Place to Pursue BAJMC in Media Colleges in Bhubaneswar

What is BAJMC? Yes, this is the first thing that you should make clear before we discuss about the colleges offering this program. BAJMC stands for Bachelors of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication.

Now, as you all know, Bhubaneswar has become one of the best destinations for pursuing any professional and vocational courses. It is not an exception in case of BAJMC. When you look for colleges in this city, you will come across a number of management schools. Which is the right one for you? How to make this choice? It is really one of the toughest decisions we must say.

Lets us help you in this regard. Birla Global University or BGU in BBSR is amongst the best business schools offering high standard management education. Students from all across the globe look forward to be a part of this institute.

media students

What is so special about BGU?

It is the special features of BAJMC program that have made this university stand out from the others.

  • Proficient faculty having excellent technical knowledge and teaching abilities train students in this institute. They enlighten students about the creative works in media industry.


  • Birla Global University has a student-friendly campus offering a superb teaching learning ambience. The campus is equipped with advanced audio-visual amenities so that you can receive high level training in electronic and print media. This will definitely provide you a better practical exposure.


  • The academic regime of this institute includes active interaction with different media houses. As a result, students get to know about the best practices prevailing in the industry and gain practical training of them.


  • Moreover, this is one of those few institutes which has close association with foreign universities and therefore, can provide expertise and enhanced exposure to its students.


  • Learning in Journalism and Mass Communication is not limited to classroom teaching only. It provides scope to interact with the stalwarts of medial industry.


  • Moreover, the institute also includes seminars and workshops in its curriculum which gives the opportunity to exchange thoughts and ideas with other students.


  • Needless to say, BGU regularly keeps updating its syllabus so that it can provide training according to the needs of the industry.

Students of media science, Mass Communication and Journalism, passing from this University possess are not only trained and talented but also possess knowledge of the current industry. You can very well understand it from its program features. So, don’t you think Birla Global University is a good choice for BAJMC program?  Visit

Start your corporate Journey after 10+2 with BGU BBA course in BBSR

A BBA or Bachelor in Business Administration degree can help you to get started in the world of business management. Birla Global University, Bhubaneswar offers a full-time BBA program that can help you to find a solid footing in the world of business management. After the completion of 10 + 2, you can take up this BGU course and give a fresh direction to your academic journey. Read on to find out why you should opt for a BBA course in BBSR, and how it can be useful for you.

BBA course

Dynamic understanding of economics

A Full time, 3-year BBA program can offer you complete training in business management, including various areas such as Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing and General Management. The course focuses on modern issues that affect business. The program concentrates on problem solving, like change management in a business environment that is getting more dynamic. It also concentrates on developing business skills across various sectors and organizations.

Varied courses

You can get courses in various sub-specialties in economics, including Managerial Psychology, Basic Financial Accounting, Principle of Management, Business Communication, Production and Operation Management, Legal Aspects of Business and Strategic Management. You can also get Fitness Management, Professional Communication & Soft Skill, Communication Skill, Organizational Behavior and Skill Enhancement, which can ensure well-rounded development for you. Business organizations look for candidates with impeccable academic record as well as the soft skills that are needed for smooth communication and business operations. BBSR can prepare you in a wholesome way for even the topmost business organizations.

Excellent placement opportunities

Studying the best BBA course from BBSR can also ensure wonderful placement opportunities in top public organizations and private companies for you. The Centre for Corporate Relations (CCR) of the institute can keep you informed about placement opportunities through placement news notice board and postings in the group. If you are interested for a specific placement opportunity, you can convey the choice via mail or signing in a relevant CCR sheet within a particular time frame. You can appear for multiple interviews.

Lucrative career and respect

Birla Global University, Bhubaneswar is a recognized name in the world of academics, and this esteemed institution has the honor of producing many graduates who are luminaries in the world of business. You can expect a lot of respect from HR managers and recruiters from top organizations who conduct placements in collaboration with BBSR. Even international companies treat degrees obtained from BBSR with regard, and consider them on a par with BBA degrees from other prestigious institutions of various other parts of the world.

The knowledge, skills and training obtained at BBSR can also make you competent enough to open up your own business and manage it without hiring any experts.

Top 3 Mass Communication Colleges in Bhubaneswar

Media Signpost Showing Internet Television Newspapers Magazines And Radio

The need for mass communication has gained a lot of importance thanks to the advances in technology. Today, mass communication has become one of the most sought after courses among students. There are several institutes and colleges in Bhubaneswar offering the course. Here are the top 3 Mass Communication Colleges offering the course in the city.

Birla Global University

Birla Global University is one of the best institutes in the capital of Odisha for the course. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and equips students with all the aspects of this field. Students are exposed to the best practices and students are given practical exposure through internships in various media houses.

The objective of the programme is to impart quality journalism education to students in shaping their career and prepare them for competitive and dynamic mass media environment. The courses are meticulously drafted and reviewed with inputs from industry experts. The syllabus is regularly updated and there is an exchange of idea through media workshops and seminars. There is an active partnership with media houses for training and exposure. The University has one of the best campuses in the city where students can learn and grow.

Xavier School of Communication

Xavier School of Communication under Xavier University is another reputed institute in the city offering the following courses:

  • MA in Mass Communication
  • PG Diploma in Film and TV Production
  • PG Diploma in Broadcast Journalism
  • Sc in Mass Communication

With a rich history and heritage, the institute is known to offer quality education for enthusiasts in the field and is one of the most sought-after colleges in the capital of Odisha for the course. The aim is to train professionals in the industry who can make a difference in the days to come. Interested students can visit the official website of the institute to know more about the admission process. 

School of Mass Communication (KIIT University)

School of Mass Communication under KIIT University is another reputed institute offering the course in Bhubaneswar. It offers an undergraduate and postgraduate course in the subject and students willing to apply must have passed 10+2 or equivalent examination from a recognized board with 50% aggregate marks. Strong focus in on theory, as well as practical and innovative teaching methodologies, is used. Students are encouraged to work towards social change and think out of the box. A dynamic curriculum is offered to meet the changing needs of the industry.

Top 3 Masters in Economics Courses in Bhubaneswar

You must be acquainted with the subject “Economics”. Aren’t you? It is the study that shows how services and goods function in this society. Economics also gives a picture of how currency goes through various processes. If you want to have in-depth knowledge about all these matters, you should specialize in this field.

Acquiring higher education in Economics or any other subject for that matter is not an easy task. Masters in Economics have knowledge about the significance of financial flow in the society. They also acquire the ability to critically analyze a developing financial market.   

With emergence of modern technology, this field is also developing at a fast pace. Master in Economics program focuses on these modern finance theories. Hence, it is important that you learn this program from some reputed college since reputed institutes only follow the changing trend of the market in their curriculum.

Let’s consider Bhubaneswar, one of the biggest centers for management and professional education of the time. Have a look at the top 3 Masters in Economics Program in this city.

Top Masters of Economics Programs in Bhubaneswar   

  • Birla Global University

This institute has become the first choice for management as well as higher education students. This renowned private university offers varied types of courses one of which is Masters in Economics. With its high-end infrastructure, modern amenities and qualified faculties, BGU seems to redefine professional education. Its aim is to extend the scope of students; thought. This university is making endeavor to give Odisha a significant position in the world of higher education.

  • Utkal University

This is another reputed university of Odisha offering Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate level of education in Engineering, Architecture, Economics, business administration, computer application together with other professional courses. Whether you want to have a career in academics or want to top the corporate world, this university has all kinds of courses to cater to the needs of the students.

  • Attitude Business School

Attitude Group of Institutions has established this school to impart high quality education to aspiring students all across the world as well as working professionals. Its courses enhance professional skills and employability of the aspirants. This institute has made a mark in both national and international world. Attitude adopts high level structured teaching methodology focusing on latest course of study.

So, want to become the real master in Economics? Seek admission in any of these institutes and be assured to have a bright future.  

Private vs. Govt. MBA Colleges in Bhubaneswar

So, you have completed your graduation. What is your next aim? Do you want to pursue MBA? Well, whether you want to pursue master’s degree or MBA, the college you choose plays a major role in shaping your career and hence, future. After all, selecting a graduate school or course is very much different from choosing an under graduate one because you focus on your goals in the graduate level.

Now, there are numerous MBA colleges across the country. There is government as well as private institutes. Every institute has its own unique features and has their own pros and cons.

Let’s compare private and public or govt. MBA program and find out which is better for you…

Private vs. Govt. MBA Colleges

  • COST

The general belief is that cost of studying in a government college is less than private institutes. But, in fact, government management schools are not always cheaper. There are some public schools which are more expensive than private colleges. So, you should not rule out private MBA institutes only assuming that they are expensive.

When it is about funding your MBA program in a private college, remember that such colleges give chance for part-time MBA programs. Thus, students have the opportunity to continue their job and pursue the degree at the same time. Hence, selecting a private college for MBA program seems to be an intelligent decision. You will get the return from the investment you make in private MBA schools.

  • SIZE

Another decisive factor to consider while selecting between private and government management schools is their size. Private universities are usually smaller in size than government ones. Small institute means small classroom sizes and the advantage is you will get personalized attention from the professors and also can develop a close relation with the students.

In a MBA private college, you can interact with students and professors closely. Do you know that peer relations can play a great role in achieving success for most students? Such advantage is not available in government institutes.


When you are pursuing an MBA program, you are certainly be focusing on self-improvement and learning the program. Private colleges are known for providing rigorous academic regime and emphasize on learning process. However, there are government institutes too which are known for their academics. But, it is wise to go with the trend.

Now, it is your decision… While choosing just think where you want to see yourself as an MBA professional in the future.

Reasons to Pursue MA Economics from a Private University in India?

MA in economics is one of the most sought-after subjects among students. With the Indian economy booming and expanding rapidly, the course has gained extreme importance in the past few years. There are many public and private universities in the country offering it. Here are the reasons for pursuing it from a private university.

Excellence in academics

Learning is the central focus of private universities in India. Though the curriculum is rigorous and the course-work is very vast, yet with learning being the central focus one can achieve academic excellence through hard work and dedication.

Smaller sizes of class

This is another major benefit. With smaller sizes of class, students are not likely to get overlooked. In public institutions, large numbers of students attend classes in an auditorium and hence there are chances of not getting the proper attention required. Shorter class sizes mean that there is less competition to get into them.

More time with professors

As size of classes is small, there is more time to interact with professors. One has more time to ask questions and solve queries. There is less feeling of isolation and it helps to build a strong relationship with professors.

Close community

A closely-knit student community is one of the integral parts of most private universities in India. It helps in close communication and one gets involved in multiple campus activities. It also enhances college experience that is important to succeed.

Top-notch faculty

In order to attract students and build its brand, private institutions have top-notch faculty. Most of them have an excellent academic record and they are reputable. They aim to bring an overall development among students and prepare them to be better citizens of the country.


Bright minds are given scholarships. Merit scholarships help bright pupils in their studies and they can contribute even better towards a progressive society. Most private universities in the country have scope for merit and scholarships to boost a healthy competition.


Most of these institutes have the reputation of being elite. This helps during employment in the professional world. Because of the competitive admission process, employers tend to value such candidates.

Involved students

As the atmosphere of the classroom is dynamic, most of them are committed to achieve academic success. Students find themselves more involved and they participate in classroom discussions, coursework and are highly engaged in multiple activities.

So if you wish to pursue a MA course in Economics, find out the private university of your choice right now.

Top 3 MBA Courses In Bhubaneswar

MBA or Masters in Business Administration is a common and popular course that many students opt for. It is regarded as a passport to top jobs in the corporate sector. In the last few years, MBA programs have seen many variations. The advent of communication and technology means there are numerous types of MBA courses to be found today. Find out about the top 3 MBA courses in Bhubaneswar b-schools and colleges that you can pursue.

MBA in Entrepreneurship

It can give you an enviable position where you can have all the aptitude and skills needed to do well across many different businesses. It can be very useful for you in any position in the corporate sector, and you can move up the career ladder to managerial level posts. Entrepreneurship management qualifications can also help you to float your own business and manage the same. Many people opt for an MBA in Entrepreneurship degree before managing their family business.

MBA in Human Resources

Human Resource is important for almost any industry and management of the labor force is essential to the growth and expansion of almost every business out there. The area of Human Resources is one where a Master’s degree can be very advantageous for you. Once you undertake this type of a course, you can get the advanced skills that are needed for meditation, recruitment and employee training. Professional training programs are planned to ensure that new recruits are trained successfully, which is an important part of the syllabus. HR managers with proper skills, training and experience can get lucrative jobs with very high pay packages.

MBA in Marketing

If you are presently working in any public relations or advertising company, an MBA in marketing can offer you the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the job and get promoted fast to top level positions. Marketing is extremely competitive, and you have to know about the newest concepts to make sure you get the results and bag the jobs with the highest salaries. It is impossible to bag an upper or mid-level management position in top marketing companies without a higher qualification.

MBA is one of the most important degrees offered by numerous schools across the globe. Many B schools offer Master of Business Administration programs as the main course. There are 6 main types of MBA programs – Dual MBA, Executive MBA, Distance Learning MBA, Accelerated MBA, Part Time MBA and 2-Year or Full Time MBA. In the last few years, MBA courses have become very popular and employers widely accept students who have pursued many accredited courses in business management. Accredited courses are eligible for federal student loans and financial aid scholarships. Before starting an MBA program, you should ensure that it is an accredited one.

Tips to choose Private Economics Master Colleges In Bhubaneswar

Are you planning to study economics? Then, you must know that there are some good colleges in Bhubaneswar that offer the best master’s courses. However, when it comes to studying for your master’s you must make it a point to look for a reputed college. Not all colleges are suitable for enrolling. There are many colleges that seem to offer the best economics curriculum for the master degree. However, you need to know that only a reputed college can offer the best courses, which will be beneficial for your future ventures, especially in the job field. So, you must seek help to be able to choose the best college that offers master’s course in economics. Here are a few important tips to help you choose private economics master colleges in Bhubaneswar:

  • One of the main things that you need to notice while choosing a master’s course in the city is whether it is accredited. Accreditation and certification are necessary for any college to be able to offer courses that are recognizable by reputed companies for job opportunities. So, if you are planning to apply for a job after your masters, you need to make sure that you are doing your post-graduation from a college or university that is licensed, certified, and accredited. Only such a college will be able to offer the best courses to you.
  • Why don’t you ask for recommendations from your family members and friends? There are many people who do masters in economics and they will be able to provide you with useful information regarding choosing the right college for your master’s. Check whether any of your cousin’s has done masters in economics. You can get suitable suggestions and recommendations from them.
  • The best thing is to research on the Internet. It is from where you will be able to gather information regarding the college you should choose and the curriculum that you should opt for. It is a matter of your education and career. So, do not compromise on the college you choose.

Even though you should choose the college that feels right to you, do not choose something that is exorbitantly priced. Compare and choose a college that offers the best curriculum within a reasonable price. Collect prospectus and information brochure from two or more colleges. You should choose the one that has lenient rules for admission and should also offer the best of education to the students.

Get Insight a Private Bcom Undergraduate Course

Today, we are living in an economic structure that is mostly money driven and that is probably there will never be a dearth of job opportunities for the people who are studying commerce. If you have decided to study commerce in your undergraduate program, you have definitely done the right thing. Now, it is important to know what your future holds and how you should proceed.

The foremost and the most important thing is to choose a suitable college. You must choose an accredited institute that offers three-year full time Bcom courses. Remember when it comes to earning a graduate degree in commerce, there are no shortcuts. You may find many institutes offering short diploma courses. However, it is always advisable that you choose a course that is divided into semesters and a total of 3 years is required to earn a degree.

It is advisable that you choose an honors program and do specialization in one of the subjects that come under commerce like accounting, management, and finance. Think which stream interests you the most and choose accordingly. Further, you must choose a curriculum that is in conformity with the UGC so that you can compete in the world outside. Doing just any course in commerce cannot make you so confident.

Choosing a college

When it comes to choosing a college, remember these five things:

  • The college should have the infrastructure to meet the academic needs of the students. It is important that there should be a state of the art library within the college premises and the experienced teachers should be always ready to answer the queries of the students.
  • The faculty of the college should have domain knowledge and a practical experience of the ways the job industry is growing. Only such professors will be able to guide the students in the best possible manner.
  • The college should be offering placements after the completion of the course. The students should be allowed to study honors courses in their graduation programs. This shows that the college is well-equipped to offer commerce courses.
  • Not just theoretical knowledge of commerce subjects, the college should also provide courses on skill enhancement, information technology, and work towards improving the overall capabilities of the students.
  • Many students feel that studying commerce in a private college is going to be expensive. However, it is not true. There are many private colleges that offer the best of facilities and courses within a reasonable tuition and other fees. So, choose wisely and get success.

Best MBA Course – How to Choose the Right Program for You?

So, you are ready to pursue the right MBA program. Surely numerous questions are cropping up your mind creating mental avalanche. ‘Will I get selected? Can I bear the expense of the program? Which college or location will be best for me? Will the MBA program work out for me?’ Its better you close all those blinds.

The general idea is to pick an MBA program that aligns with the career goals. That sounds sensible, right? But, it is absolutely WRONG. Instead giving priority to “fit”, you should search for the best business school which will assist you to meet your goals. The right B-school will help you focus on your goals and groom you so that you stand out from the crowd.

Then how to make a choice of the best MBA course?

  • Do research

You should consider the MBA program in totality. You should examine how the program will assist you in achieving your goal. But, you should not stick to what the program is commonly known for. In other words, you should evaluate different MBA programs inside and out. Ask yourself – ‘How significant will be the school’s rank and reputation?’ ‘Will the program help you develop right skills, support, resources and right networking system?’

  • Do not make your profile fake…be realistic

After you have done the research work, you acquire a better understanding of the whole scenario. You have a clear notion as to which school to seek admission to and where you stand exactly. You should not disregard a school because you do not fit into its pattern in some way. You should always take a chance.

  • Play numbers game

Does it sound weird in this process? But, it works. While applying for business schools, do not only pick the top or the mid-range ones. You should make a wonderful mix of different schools creating a wide net of management colleges. It is advisable that you apply to 7 schools at least out of which 2 are of the top ranks, 3 mid-range and 2 safe.  With so many business schools, this will be a smart selection strategy.

  • Seek admission to the best school you can afford

So, all your effort is finally directed to the best management institute you can have. Your B-school selection and research will certainly help you in this regard.

Therefore, by the words of the expert – “It is not about what MBA program you choose, rather it is about what you will achieve from it.”